Setting up Axis2 With Tomcat 6

To setup Axis2, do some tests and prepare for the axis tutorial (Web Serivces Example Using axis 2 and Tomcat). Also setup tcpmon required for SOAP debugging. Leave any questions or problems as comments and I will endeavour to answer them.

This article assumes that you have the JDK 1.5 or compatible already installed. Also you have a working and compatible version of tomcat installed and running. Tomcat is running on 8080 for this example.

Versions used in this example
Windows XP SP2N/A
Axis 2 (war)
Axis 2 (bin)
JDK 1.5.0N/A
Axis 1 (for tcpmon)
Links to these files can be found here.

Installing Axis2
  1. Download the Axis 2 war distribution ( and unzip it. Copy the axis2.war file to the webapps directory in your tomcat installation. After a couple of seconds you should see an axis2 directory automatically created by tomcat.
  2. `
  3. Go to You should see a welcome message with the headings- Services, Validation and Administration.
  4. `
  5. Click on Administration, login using username 'admin' and password 'axis2.' have a play around. Your axis install is done.
  6. `
  7. Download the Axis 2 binary ( distribution and unzip it to a directory. This is where all your tools and libs will be when we go to build a service.
  8. `
  9. You are now finished.

tcpmon (not required for axis 2, but useful for debugging)
  1. Download Axis 1 ( axis-bin-1_4.tar.gz). I'm doing this so I can get at the axis.jar file that contains tcpmon. I cannot seem to find tcpmon in the new Axis2 jars.
  2. `
  3. Unzip it to a directory ('D:\axis2-1.4.1-bin\' in this example).
  4. `
  5. Run the command below substituting the axis.jar directory with the location of your directory/file.

    .../anywhere>java -cp D:\axis2-1.4.1-bin\lib\axis.jar org.apache.axis.utils.tcpmon
    You should see a window with the tcpmon application. We'll be using this in the Axis2 tutorial

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can anybody point me to a straight forward "helloo world" tutorial for axis2. thanks.

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great tutorial. I had to change 2 things, however:
1- in the file jwsdpontomcat.xml, the 'server' string should also be deleted.
2- in the list of libraries to add to the tomcat/lib, there are also the jaxb libs.

Many thanks.

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Thank you very very straight forward and simple guideline for any beginner to setup axis in tomcat

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