SOAP - Acronyms

SOAP is usually full of acronyms. You know what it is, but you forgot what the acronym stands for. Here are some of the more popular acronyms.

SOAP Simple Object Protocol Access Protocol

JAXB - Java Api for Xml Binding
xml --unmarshall-> class
xml <--marshall--- class

JAXP Java Api for Xml Processing
DOM Document Object Model
SAX Simple Api for Xml
StaX Streaming Api

JAXM Java Api for Xml Messaging
|-> JAXM 1.1
|-> SAAJ 1.1 Soap with Attachments Api for Java (send, recieve soap messages)
JAXR - Java Api for Xml Registries
JAX-RPC - Java Api for Xml based RPC
JAX-WS - Now replacing JAX-RPC. Available with JWSDP2

UDDI - Universal Description, Discovery and Integration.

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