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Your one resource for all things C++ -windows and Linux- including the soon to be legendary never ending C++ Quiz. From C++ basics such as templates, virtual functions and diamond inheritance to advances topics such as forking, sockets, pipes and semaphores. Let the fun commence! Windows and Linux included! Usually use g++ on Linux and Viasual C++'s cl.exe on windows.

Linux Sockets, Threads, Forking etc
Linux C++ Socket Example with Client Server and Mulit-Threading
Linux C++ Forking Server and Client Socket Example

Windows Sockets, Threads etc
C++ Winsock Example Using Client Server and Multi-Threading
Windows C++ Producer Consumer Threaded Example

Windows System
Simple Windows C++ DLL Example with Implicit and Explicit Calls
Windows C++ Get CPU and Memory Utilisation Using Windows Performance Counters
Creating, releting and Enumerating Windows Registry

General C++
How To Read Nasty Function Pointers
Using MQ C++ C API to Connect to Glassfish JMS
Dynamically Allocating Multidimentional Arrays in C++

C++ Database
MySQL Connector C++ Example - Windows cl.exe (VC++)
MySQL Connector C++ Database Connection Pool
Oracle OCCI (C++ OCI) Database Connection Pool

The never ending C++ Quiz