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Linux C++ Overlapped Server and Client Socket Example
C/C++ Client Server Socket Examples
LDAP: No structuralObjectClass for entry - Solved
LDAP: Shadow Context Error - Solved
C/C++ Regex Replace Function
C/C++ Regular Expressions - Regex/Regexec
Oracle TimesTen Getting Unixtime or Seconds Since the Epoch UTC
C/C++ Trimming whitespace - Trim
Image Compression Using Php
Comment on Free Proxies
STL Starter 1 - User Defined Predicate Functions (Standard Template LIbrary)
Check Page Rank of all Blog Posts
Automatically Create Sitemaps for Blogs
Compare Page Ranks of Multiple Sites
C/C++ Forking and Using Pipes to Exchange Data Between Parent and Child
Bandwidth Throttling and Connection Limiting for Web, Proxy and Email Servers
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Tracing Memory Leak in C/C++ Using Mtrace
Apache/Php Web Proxy
Apache/Php IP:Port Proxy Emulator
Using Tools such as AWK, GREP, NAWK, XARGs on the Command Line
Break Out of Web Proxy Frames
Tomcat Configuration - Home, Base and catalina.policy
Mount Windows NT partition From Ubuntu Live CD
Sending Mail Via Google's SMTP Server Using PHP
Java Check Daylight Saving Time Utility
C++ Allocating Dynamic Multidimentional Arrays
Linux C++ Forking Server and Client Socket Example
Linux C++ Socket Example with Client Server and Mulit-Threading
C++ Template Example
Javascript Weather Widget
Javascript Weather Widget Using Yahoo Weather and Google RSS Reader
Send SOAP XML Request via PHP
Liskov Substitution Principle, Covariance and Contravariance Explained
General Programming Principles
Java Servlet Proxy with Compression Filter
PHP Oracle Configuration and Connection Example
Code Diaries Proxy Core - Comments
Complete PHP CURL, JSON and Google Maps API Example
Example of Browsing Location Widget
Creating a PHP Web Proxy Server - Part 1
Common Database Pool That Supports Oracle, MySQL and SQLServer
Simple Java Proxy Servlet Using HttpURLConnection
Modifying and Uncommitting Java Filter Response
Create Your Own Pure Javascript Widgets
Funky Twitter Thoughts Widgets - Using Multiple API Calls
Real Javascript Multithreading Using iFrames
Whats on Kim Kardashian's Mind? Twitterthoughts Widget
Find Code Diaries On the Web
Windows C++ Socket Example Using Client Server and Multi-Threading
Enumerating, Deleting and Creating Registry Entries in Windows C++
Perl Database Example Using ODBC Data Source Name DSN
Creating A Class in Perl With Public Methods
Moving, Hiding and Changing the Contents of a Layer in Javascript
How to Write a Simple Recursive Web and Image Crawler in Perl
Asynchronous Javascript And XML Example (AJAX)
Creating Classes in Javascript
Javascript - Get URL Parameters from Form Submit
Scripting, Web 2 and Widget Tutorials
Technology Tutorial Trail - JavaEE, Database, Tomcat, Glassfish
Adding HTTP Headers To Requests in Filters and Servlets
JSP Page that Displays all the Headers and Parameters
Complete Java Filter Example
Simple Windows C++ DLL Example with Implicit and Explicit Calls
Double Dispatch and Visitor Pattern Example
Design Patterns Chart - Periodic Table
SQL Server C++ ODBC Connection Pool
Ant Build File and Ant Tutorial
Windows C++ Producer Consumer Threaded Example
Windows C++ Get CPU and Memory Utilisation With Performance Counters
Weblogic MBean Example (ExecuteQueueRuntime)
Oracle C++ OCI Database Example
Perl Socket and File Example
Nmake Makefile Tutorial and Example
Connecting To SQL Server Using C++ ODBC Example
Microsoft SQL Server Connection String
Installing and Configuring SQL Server 2008
Open JMS Example With Remote Client
Build DLL Using Command line Visual C++ cl.exe
Little Gems - Very Short Helpful Hints
Java Native Interface JNI Example Using Visual C++ Cl.exe
Connecting to Glassfish/Sun JMS Using C++ / C API
Oracle C++ OCI Database Connection Pool
MySQL Connector C++ Database Connection Pool
Entity CMP EJB Example in Glassfish - No Annotations
MySQL Connector C++ Example - Windows cl.exe (VC++)
Problem and Solution Installing VC++ Express Edition in Windows XP
How to Read Nasty C/C++Function Pointers
C++ Quiz
Cplusplus C++ Home
J2EE and Web 2 Related Tutorials
JMS Example using Glassfish and a Remote Client
Session EJB Example on Glassfish - No Annotations
Cool Tools
Database Connection Pooling Using Glassfish and MySQL with Remote Client
Oracle SQL to Show Free Space In Tablespaces
SOAP - Acronyms
Patching With RCS
Object Oriented Design and Principles
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