Create Your Own Pure Javascript Widgets

Why use other peoples widgets and mashups when you can build your own? Forget the sites that offer free widgets and create your own instead. Build widgets that are vendor agnostic and can be embedded in any webpage or blog. It's not hard once you understand the basics of web 2 and some javascript. Here are the advantages of pure javascript widgets...
  • Pure javascript widgets, no perl or php backends required.
  • Use of free APIs from Google, Yahoo, Twitter etc. No need to pay for anything
  • Place these widgets on any website or blog? Blogger, Wordpress etc.
  • Make your website funky and sexy, and all for FREE
  • Learn javascript

Funky Twitter Thoughts widgets that displays whats on your mind. Customize it to anyone on twitter- including Paris Hilton.
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Mash up using PHP cURL, JSON and javascript to show where you are surfing from.
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Weather widget that shows the weather in a region in a country. Customize this to which ever country and regions you like. Or even the capital cities around the world.
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Advanced topics
Practical Javascript Multithreading Using iFrames


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