Common Database Pool That Supports Oracle, MySQL and SQLServer

Is to create a common database pool using a template that will support Oracle, MySQL and SQLServer and use as common a process and methodology as possible to access connections.

The articles for the individual database providers are given below. But they all use a generalized template as a base class. These examples are written for windows, but can be ported easily to Linux (except SQL Server!).

MySQL Connector C++ Database Connection Pool
SQL Server C++ ODBC Connection Pool
Oracle C++ OCI Database Connection Pool

All three examples are included in the link below. You will need to have oracle client installed to compile the oracle example and MySQL Connector C++ downloaded to compile the MySQL example. The SQL Server example should compile without any additional issues on windows. If there are problems with compiling SQL Server, I suggest you download and install the free SQL Server Express Edition to refresh all the DLLs.
You can download the zipped files here.

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