Mount Windows NT partition From Ubuntu Live CD

What ususally happens is a virus attacks your PC and you cannot boot up in wondows. The easiest way to recover this is with a Unix/Linux live CD. In this example we will use an Ubuntu Live CD to boot up and mount your NTFS partitions so you can copy data from them to a USB Drive.

The only problem is that the partitions mount with "Read Permissions" only so you need to access them as root. But the live Ubuntu CD doesn't really have a root password. But using sudo we can set the root password to give us the required permission.
  1. Boot using Ubuntu LiveCD
  2. In the Ubuntu desktop click on the applications menu and System Settings -> Advanced tab -> Disk -> Filesystems
  3. Click on "Administrator Mode" at the bottom.
  4. You should see the windows partitions. Double click the partition you want to mount.
  5. In the 'type' drop down list box select "NTFS - NT File System".
  6. Select Mount point. It this case we're going to browse to /home/ubuntu/Desktop and create a new folder WinD and select this folder.
  7. "Security & Safety - make sure you check the "Writeable" box.
  8. Select OK.
  9. Now Enable the partition by clicking the "Enable" button at the bottom.
  10. Now open a console and and go to the mount point /home/ubuntu/Desktop in this example.
  11. In the console, set the root pasword using "sudo passwd root".
  12. Now su
  13. Voila, now you can access the mount (/home/ubuntu/desktop/WinD in this example) and you can set more liberal permissions so you can access them with a file browser.

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