Apache/Php IP:Port Proxy Emulator

The aim of this exercise is to create an IP:Port proxy emulator in Php that can be deployed to a web server such as Apache. Once deployed it will run almost exactly like an IP:Port proxy -also referred to  as Elite or Open proxies- requring you to change your browser settings. Because it's written as a Php script, it will run inside apace. There is no database requirement.

As this is a fairly substantial project, it is hosted on google at Project Mugatiya. There is also more information at the the 'Project Mugatiya blog Project Mugatiya on TidyTutorials.

The advantages
  1. Almost exactly like a proxy such as squid or mod_proxy.
  2. Works with flash, streaming, torrents, pretty much everything.
  3. Modify content to display adds
  4. Has inbuilt Turing Test (reCaptcha) to keep away bots
  5. Has a content filter
  6. Remote Ip, requested url and requested hostname based black and white lists
  7. Written in simple, easy to understand Php.

You should note that the proxy does rewrite HTTPS requests as plain HTTP requests and this sometimes doesn't work with complex sites. Please feel free to contribute to the project.

Also, remember that as this is an IP:Port proxy, if left unchecked could land you with exorbitant overages on bandwidth. This demolishes web proxies hands down.


The creator said...

Hi I installed your mugatiya script but.I show me error The server can not find the requested page:
www.geeksopedia.comhttp://www.geeksopedia.com/community/ (port 80) can you please tell me how can I resolve this issue.Please help me its urgent.My proxy is relianceproxy.co.cc:80 .

righteous said...

did you make sure to drop in the .htaccess file into your root directory?

crasher said...

I installed this today on a clean site with a semi famous shared host. I updated the htaccess which had nothing in it. I also changed the host.php to show "www.mysite.com/super"

I then went into IE and changed the proxy settings to www.mysite.com and port 80

Then the shared Host server crashed.. they didnt know it was me.. I reported an innocent error on one of my othersites on that server and they rebooted.

I then checked it all and did it again.


So I crashed my host companies server twice...

How did this happen? How can I debug it? Eventually they will find out which site caused the crash and I will get banned.

Any ideas? thanks...

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