Apache/Php Web Proxy

The aim of this exercise is to create yet another web proxy. This is a url rewriting proxy so the user experience is not the very best. It is written as a Php script, it will run on shared hosting. There is no database requirement.

As this is a fairly substantial project, it is hosted on google at Project uguduwa. There is also more information at the Wordpress blog projectuguduwa.blogspot.com.

The advantages
  1. Run in shared hosting or Virtual Private or Dedicated server
  2. Modify content to display adds
  3. Has a content filter
  4. Remote Ip, requested url and requested hostname based black and white lists
  5. Written in simple, easy to understant Php.


Marshal Drake said...

Can this be applied to any web hosting plan like shared hosting? Please teach us how to make proxies out of Apache and PHP.

Shared Hosting

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