LDAP: No structuralObjectClass for entry - Solved

This error occurs when you try to add an entry into ldap. The error is something along the lines of  no structuralobectclass or invalid structuralobectclassetc.

adding new entry
dn: uid=hello@hello.com,ou=users,o=xforce,o=au
ldap_add: Unknown error
ldap_add: additional info: no structuralObjectClass operational attribute

For example if your entry is something like the one below and keeps failing with the structural object class error..
dn: uid=hello@hello.com,ou=users,o=xforce,o=au
objectclass: person
cn: hello
sn: world

Then you have to explicity add the structural object classattribute.
dn: uid=hello@hello.com,ou=users,o=xforce,o=au
objectclass: person
structuralObjectClass: person
cn: hello
sn: world


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